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    Life, it happens and it happens fast. In the hustle and bustle it is easy to forget, or to put off, the "small things" like photographing your family. But it is so important to preserve the memories of your life as it is today because you never know what it will be tomorrow.

    As a child growing up in Central Square, New York (about 20 miles north of Syracuse), I loved looking through photo albums - my parents' wedding album with the carved wood cover, the albums of me and my brothers as babies that were nothing more than snapshots put on those sticky pages with the plastic overlay. They were glimpses of what my family was, and they preserved special events (my first birthday and holidays), everyday life (me next to a snowman in April or covered from head-to-toe in a mud puddle), and loved ones no longer with us. I still have many of those photographs committed to memory.

    In today's digital world, snapshots and the good old fashioned photo album have been replaced by CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and mostly, the Smart Phone filled with snapshots never to be printed and to likely be lost somewhere down the road.

    My goal, my hope, is to encourage YOU to make a commitment to documenting and preserving you and your family as it is today! Whether that be by taking photographs with anything besides your cell phone, having those photographs printed by a lab and put into an album you can hold, making a photobook that will last a lifetime, or by hiring a professional photographer, whether it is me or someone else, to preserve your family as it is today! I promise that you will not regret the time spent and investment made to create memories for you, your children, your grandchildren and beyond to look back on and reminisce.

    And so, I welcome you to explore my site and enjoy the memories captured for my clients and their families. And the picture to the left? That is my little family captured in the moment by the great Deanna Wallace of Visually Deelicious! She is amazing, check her out in my Friends tab!

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I was so excited when I found out that my friend Katy and her husband were expecting!! I met Katy on one of the most important days of my life (aside from my wedding day and the birth of my children). It even tops the day I graduated from law school – the day I touched Jordan Knight. If you don’t know who Jordan Knight is, just go. I kid, I kid. Ummm, he is only the dreamiest member of New Kids on the Block!!


As you can see, it was an epic moment for me and with it all my childhood dreams came true. And that is the day I met Katy! Clearly, we are forever bound in friendship as a result of this experience!!

Katy and her hubs, Nick, wanted to document their pregnancy, starting with a fun Pregnancy Announcement Shoot!!


Then we had to capture the MOMENT they found out they were expecting a baby boy!!! Look at those raw emotions – I love it!


We finished up the pregnancy journey with a maternity session. I love the anticipation and excitement that you can feel during maternity sessions!


Finally, the day came that I got to meet sweet little Nicholas!!! Of course, my first reaction was, “Look at that HAIR!!!”


It was hard to cover up such great hair with hats, but we did! Katy was pretty excited about our session and did some hat shopping! And seriously, how cute are these?


Because Katy and Nick are die hard Broncos fans (yes, I actually know it is a football team in Denver), and their pregnancy announcement was a Broncos theme, I had one of my favorite vendors, the Knitting Bitty, make a knit orange and blue football uniform for Nicholas! And it is PERFECT!!


And, of course, we got plenty of “just baby” images because there is nothing sweeter than a newborn all snuggled up!


Little feet, little hands, little baby. Nicholas is perfect, and I cannot wait to see him grow over the next year!! Stay tuned for his 3 month session, part of the Step by Step (oh baby) Plan!!


Thank you Katy and Nick for letting me be a part of your journey to and into parenthood!! I am so excited to be a part of it!!!

If you are expecting and would like any of the sessions Katy and Nick took advantage of, contact me to get on the books!!


#180in2015. This is the hashtag for my life, my family’s life, in 2015. Pretty much every aspect of our life is being flipped upside down, and we are along for the ride, hoping the decisions we are making are the right ones.

Change was needed. I have spent the last 8 years as a litigation attorney at a small employment law firm. That meant long hours, lots of missed bedtimes, and overall stress. This has been wearing on me for awhile now, and lately it has started effecting my health and who I am as a person. I am an open book, and have no problems sharing that by late November, I was having panic attacks almost daily and felt like an elephant had made a permanent residence sitting on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. If you know me, or even met me once or online, you probably know that I am normally one of the least stressed people out there. So for me, this was a big deal, and something had to give.

And it did. The same day I was at my doctor, being put on anxiety medications, my husband was given the opportunity of his dreams – to take over ownership of a gun store. My husband is some kind of amazing. He has been home taking care of our two kids since our son was born in 2010. Something he never, in a million years, would have thought he would be doing. During this time, he has really gotten  into his gunsmithing hobby and has dreamed of doing something more with it. Normally, given the enormity of my student loan debt ($250,000. Yes, feel free to gasp), we would not have jumped on the opportunity because it is important to us to have a parent home with the kids and I needed to work. But given my mental and physical health, we decided to take the risk and go for it. The timing was too coincidental to ignore, right? And so I put in my notice, and finished my last day as a full time litigation attorney at the end of 2014.

As if that wasn’t enough change, we also made the decision to move. Though we love our current location, Jeremy’s gun store is an hour from here in Dansville. Enter the universe lining up in our favor. My sister-in-law just happened to know someone about to put a beautiful house on 6 acres exactly halfway between Rochester and Dansville up for a long term lease. So why not add packing up and moving to the list?!

And so, January is the start of change. I am in the midst of my second week caring for the kids, taking care of meals, while doing contract work for the law firm, my photography and other side projects (Jamberry, Younique and stay tuned for more information on Art Forms)! Jeremy is at the new store, doing the renovations in the new building to get it ready for Grand Opening (date TBA). January is the start of the biggest risk we have ever taken. January is the beginning of our #180in2015.

But, finally, I can catch up on time missed with my babies. I can focus on building my photography business. And the elephant is gone. I can breathe.



It is no secret that some of my favorite images are those of mamas with their babies, regardless of age. Maybe it is because they speak to me as a mother. Maybe it is because not enough mamas are eager to get it front of the camera. But mostly, I think it is because the special love of a mother can be felt when you look at the image. A mother’s love is amazing and strong, and unlike any other love. And so today, I celebrate all of the mothers I have had the pleasure of photographing this year, and one very special new mama I was unable to meet but will continue to capture her precious miracles with my camera!



The Hinman Family has already sacrificed so much for so many. Brandon, a U.S. Army Sergeant, has and continues to serve our country selflessly. He has spent countless months away from his family, away from his Jenna, to serve and protect all of us. He has gone to war to protect. As an Army wife, Jenna made sacrifices most of will never have to make. She gave us her soldier. She waited home for him to return from war, and I can only imagine the worry she felt each day, each night while he was gone. Jenna and Brandon were willing to make those sacrifices for love. Love for their country, love for each other and love for all of us, their fellow Americans.

And now, Jenna has made the ultimate sacrifice for love. She sacrificed her health and her life to bring her twin daughters into this world healthy and strong. A mother loves her unborn child with everything she is while she nurtures and grows her baby from the inside, and Jenna was no exception. She was able to carry her baby girls for 30 weeks and give them a strong start at life. Azlynn and Kinleigh will always know that love, the love of their mama, with every breath they take. This image was supposed to represent Jenna’s love and Brandon’s heroic service for this country, the foundation upon which Jenna and Brandon were starting their family. I won’t lie, I squealed a little when this setup came together because when we started it, I wasn’t sure it would. It was a part of the hope we all felt as Jenna was slowly but surely gaining strength.

Since Monday, however, this image has become symbolic of all of the sacrifices for love than Jenna and Brandon have made. And it represents everything Jenna held closest to her heart – her country, her family, her Soldier, and her precious baby girls.

And so I share this image again with this message. Celebrate Jenna’s life with love. Love your children, your significant other, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your fellow Americans. Love them fiercely and closely. Honor Jenna’s sacrifice by continuing to hold her family close in your hearts and give them the support they need to learn to live without their mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Honor Jenna by spreading awareness of this practically unheard of cancer, choriocarcinoma. A cancer so cruel that it tries to destroy the life of a woman in the process of creating life.

Learn more about the Hinmans and show your love on Prayers for Jenna. You can also support the family and remember Jenna through their current t-shirt booster, proceeds of which will go towards Azlynn and Kinleigh’s future:


I first met Rylee 6 months ago, I was so excited because she is such a pretty little doll baby and I had been eyeing a particular spot at my office for a pretty setup.

Seriously, Rylee has the prettiest features, the most beautiful hair and eyelashes and such a sweet personality!!  Fast forward 6 months, and look at Rylee at ONE!!


I think her lashes have become even more amazing!!  Like everyone in Upstate New York this looooong winter and cold spring, Rylee was battling a bit of a cold and just not quite feeling herself during her session!  Luckily, we had CAKE!!!

Believe it or not, not all one year olds love cake but Rylee LOVED it!!!!  She loved the frosting and it kept her happy for a long time!!

The rest of the session (without cake) was a little hit or miss, but we were still able to get some gorgeous images of Miss Rylee. Not a surprise, I mean, seriously, look at her!

Captured some sweet details.

Even battling tears, she is one of the prettiest little girls ever. This image is one of my favorites of the session.

I think her mama will agree, it is hard to believe Rylee is ONE!!!


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